How to add a new template?

Add with admin builder feature.

Step 1: access /settings/templates
Step 2: Click the button to clone a template available
Step 3: Click button builder for build template

Adding templates with your HTML and CSS code

This is a guide for programmers. You need HTML and CSS skills to understand it.

Struct template HTML and CSS

Some Rule for CSS and HTML to fit with the builder

General: - Use Bootstrap 4.5 default and font-awesome 5.15 - Separate CSS does not code in HTML - Do not use a background image and overlay it will not work with the builder - Don't use "important attribute" for CSS. The user can't change style in the builder
Use code bellow for set background image
#id {
background: url (##image_url##image.jpg) rgba (0, 0, 0, .7);
background-size: cover;
background-blend-mode: multiply
Upload new image:
#Template HTML or CSS: ##image_url##yourimage.png => Upload yourimage.png to public/images/content_media
Icon: Do not use class fa-2x fa-3x (To increase size). Increase the size with CSS